Eccles Chess Club is now part of Eccles Community Chess which was founded in 2019. Eccles Chess Club (ECC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the joys and benefits of chess, holding weekly games and chess tournaments in order to give players an outlet to play. We are a friendly and sociable club with over 30 active members with more players joining all the time. You will be made to feel very welcome no matter what your chess background, culture or nationality!  
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We host a regular Club Night every Wednesday from 7.30 at the Malalga Drift coffee/wine Bar in Eccles which is easily found on Church Rd opposite Eccles train station. (See venue page) Full details of how to get in touch or to join Eccles Chess Club can be found on the contact page. Players of all levels are more than welcome to join us for a game of chess, a cup of tea or even glass of beer and a pizza, and if you liked your experience, and want to join us at Eccles Chess Club, please don’t hesitate in conacting us. Best wishes, and enjoy your Chess!
Club Officers:

Club president – Stephen Farrar, Club Secretary – Michael J Fox, Treasurer – Barbara Farrar, Independent Auditor – Angela Brown

Team Captains:

Manchester Chess Federation Eccles 1 – Darrel Lyndsay, Eccles 2 – Barbara Farrar, Eccles B - Stephen Farrar, Bolton District Chess League Eccles A - Laurence Harold